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Jul 30th
carpet pads for stairs
Carpet Pads For Stairs

Why do we need to set a carpet pad in our room? A carpet pad adds a layer of cushion to our floor. Besides, it also provides thermal insulation along the cold weather. So, in the cold weather, the air condition in the room can be kept well. The other benefit of having a carpet pad is that it also extends the carpet life. With pad of carpet, our carpet cannot be broken or torn easily.

In selecting the good pad for carpet for our home, we must consider the quality, cost, and also the carpet compatibility factors. First, we must pay attention to the density of the padding. It is better to choose a carpet padding which has rating with a 6- to 8-pound density. The rating of the density influences on its quality. Carpet pad which the density is lower than 6 pounds needs to replaced frequently. It is generally set in apartments or real estates. Carpet pad which has a 6-pound density provides softer cushioning. Carpet pad which has 8-pound density rating is the firmest, longest-lasting, and sturdiest. It is good to be set in high-traffic areas. The last, the high-density pad can reduce the wrinkling of carpet.

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Second, we should pay attention to the thickness. The right thickness can meet our carpet manufacturer’s specifications. If we choose the carpet pad which is too thick, we can get the risk that the carpet can get folds and wrinkles. Yes, we should understand that padding which is too thick or too thin can decreases the longevity of our carpet.

Now, we can get the good pad for our carpet from kinds of sources. The first one is synthetic carpet. Synthetic carpet pad has a high-density rating. It can keep the carpet longer. The syntactic carpet pad is better to be set in the high-traffic areas. This pad can work very well to keep the looped carpet styles from stretching and wrinkling. Syntactic pads have some designs. They are designed to resist moisture, and mold and mildew. The second one is the recycled pad.

By using the recycled carpet pad, it means that we join to do the environment responsible. Besides, actually it is also effective. This type of pad is made from recycled urethane foam and other materials. Those materials are in various ranges of thicknesses and rating of density rating. Finally, you can choose the best carpet pad based on the explanation. The considerations are based on the density, quality, and the pad types. Those selection process are done by you, just remember what kind of carpet pad we need.

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